to become a Friend for 10 and help support Denzell Gardens and The Devisdale

Denzell Gardens and The Devisdale are open and
free to enter from
dawn until dusk


Around the Millennium major concern, frustration and anger was being expressed across the local populace at the rapid deterioration and diminution of treasured 'Green Spaces' by local authorities who were neglecting the upkeep and ceding vast tracts of land for development despite opposition by local people and their councillors.

The community decided it was time to call a halt and it was Gillian King who stepped forward to lead a small team of passionate individuals with a shared concern for the future of Denzell and The Devisdale. They initiated meetings with the local authority and held a series of public meetings in order to highlight major issues affecting the green space. Ultimately, this brought a huge, supportive response leading to development of the Friends Group.

Over the years, the membership has grown significantly and we now have more than 150 Friends and we continue to attract new members.

The Friends Group is headed by a group of Committee Members whose purpose it is to support the area by working in partnership with local authorities in order to:

Provide up to date information to the local community about any aspects directly affecting Denzell Gardens or The Devisdale.
Identify available funding resources to enable necessary improvements.
Organise events or activities that bring together the local community.
Promote, Preserve and Protect the green space and the wildlife that inhabits it so it can be enjoyed by future generations.
Ensure Denzell Gardens and The Devisdale is a safe place for all to enjoy.
Bringing the community together through organised events

Your Devisdale, Your Future

It is crucial to protect Denzell Gardens and The Devisdale so it can be enjoyed by future generations. Committee member Les Round has put together a 5 year plan that highlights the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.
Click here to download a copy of Les's report.

Picture postcard perfection and reason enough to protect this local beauty spot
Become a Friend for 10

Yes, that's right - it costs just £10.00 a year to become a Friend or £50.00 if you join for life.
Click here to email our Membership Secretary.

How you can Help the Friends

We are always looking for funding for new projects to improve and enhance Denzell Gardens and The Devisdale.

You can support us by participating in our fund-raising events which help us to raise necessary monies toward much needed improvements.

You can also help by offering hands-on assistance with some of the gardening projects as this overwhelming task is currently left to one man - Phil Hatton. If you have a couple of hours a month to spare to help with some of the pruning and clearing, please Click here to email Shirley Fidler.

If you have an hour or two a month to spare, help is always needed in the gardens
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